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    Lesley Woodhouse

    Lesley Woodhouse - digital knowledge keeper

    Lesley Woodhouse is a Darug woman and digital knowledge keeper who is bringing Indigenous culture to the world. She shares her story with us below.

    I started my career in community legal, as I wanted to help my people and create a stronger mob. But I quickly discovered that it wasn’t for me, so I took my skills into policy. 

    While working for the NSW Government, I saw all these communities who were making fantastic resources that would end up just sitting on shelves. I thought that if we could get these kinds of resources into schools, we could help create leaders who would be able to work with Aboriginal people to find solutions. 

    Wingaru Education is all about making Aboriginal content more accessible. Our early and primary school products are all digital, so kids can login wherever they are. We also offer cultural awareness training for workplaces who want to improve their cultural competency. People can access information on everything from Aboriginal astronomy to the science behind didgeridoos. 

    We have lots of fantastic support from the community, elders sharing their stories and language speakers recording for us. Being able to preserve that knowledge for future generations is really important. I am proud that we are making an impact on how Australia values Aboriginal people and culture. 

    If you want to start your own business, have a yarn with someone who is doing it. Do your research to make sure that your idea is going to connect to the market. If your first idea doesn’t connect the way you want it to, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea. Keep tweaking it, and you will find where you are meant to go.

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    Lesley’s study and career path to becoming a digital knowledge keeper and CEO

    • Bachelor of Laws, Australian Indigenous Law, University of Technology Sydney
    • Project Officer, University of Technology Sydney
    • Senior Project Officer, NSW Department of Education
    • CEO, Wingaru Education

    You can follow Lesley on LinkedIn here.

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