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Lily Kenway

Student structural & façade engineer

Lily Kenway

Lily Kenway was drawing floor plans for her first ‘dream home’ when she was just nine years old, so it was pretty obvious she’d end up in architecture. This fascination stemmed from a love of maths and science, as well as poring over building plans with her grandad, who had owned a building company.

Fast forward and Lily is now in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil) double degree at QUT. One of her favourite projects at uni has been designing a multi-purpose residency for a cyclic ’15-minute city’ that’s now being developed. “It made us reassess the way we envision city planning in order to become more efficient and sustainable,” she says. “We even visited the township and met with the developer’s consultants before beginning the design process.”

 And when she’s not at uni? Lily is a student structural and façade engineer at Bligh Tanner.

Façade engineering involves performing force, stress and deflection calculations on external aspects of new building proposals to ensure each element is correctly and safely designed before it’s constructed,” she explains.

Passionate about the development of sustainable materials, she one day aims to design and build economical and environmentally sustainable infrastructure in rural communities to improve livelihoods.

Her advice for anyone wanting to get into STEM is to find people in your preferred field and ask questions. “What are the current developments? How did they do things 20 years ago? What opportunities can I grab hold of before I graduate? There is endless knowledge out there waiting to be uncovered.”

Lily Kenway’s STEM study and career path

  • Bachelor of Design (Architecture) / Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours), QUT
  • College of Excellence Fellow (Student Leader), QUT
  • Student Structural & Façade Engineer, Bligh Tanner

This article was created in partnership with QUT and originally appears in the QUT STEM Guide 2022.

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