Diesel Mechanic Apprentice

    Lucas O'Sullivan

    University is great for some, but apprenticeships and traineeships combine the best of both worlds.

    You never know where an apprenticeship might take you…

    For diesel mechanic apprentice Lucas O’Sullivan, it’s on the rivers of Tasmania. Lucas  works at Huon Aquaculture’s salmon farm, fixing boat engines and robotic equipment that cleans the nets underwater.

    “I’ve learned about everything from hydraulics to delicate fibre optics and electrical work,” he says. “I learn best when I’m actually doing something, rather than just reading it out of a book. It’s best to learn the basics thoroughly and then everything is a breeze after that.”

    Lucas’ study and career pathway

    This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Apprenticeships & Traineeships 2021 – the flip cover to Careers with STEM: Engineering 2021.


    Chloe Walker

    Author: Chloe Walker

    Chloe is a freelance writer and editor from Melbourne. She loves talking to people about their passions, whether that’s STEM, arts, business, or something else entirely! www.chloe-walker.com


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