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    Shanis Lovin

    On Shanis Lovin’s first day of a Bachelor of IT at Macquarie University, she rang the head of the IT department to ask if she should bring a laptop to class.

    “It seems silly now, but that’s how little I knew!” she says.

    Shanis is not the type of person you might expect to be studying this degree. She didn’t study computer programming in high school and thought she would be unqualified.

    “One hundred percent, it was a great decision to enrol. Being good in this degree is all about putting in the effort, rather than fitting the stereotype.”

    Web Design, Computer Graphics and Games Design are just some of the electives Shanis has taken – and they’re her favourite so far.

    The options don’t end there. The Macquarie University Bachelor of IT offers electives in units like Cryptography and Information Security, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence to name a few.



    Which coder are you?


    “IT is so broad, there’s so much you can do just from that degree even though it sounds like you’re just doing one thing.”

    Coding and programming is a vital skill in almost every elective. Shanis dove in head first when it came to learning code, but she’s not alone in learning the ropes.

    “Once I was studying at the student space MUSE with an assignment due that day. Every student in my class was at MUSE too, and we started helping each other out.”

    Now, she’s got a number of programming languages under her belt. From Javascript, to CSS and Python, Shanis rattles off a list of coding program too lengthy to mention.

    “There’s a lot of people willing to help you, including other students. Subject convenors are actually interested in helping you learn, they’re not just going through the motions.”

    Shanis’ degree focuses on developing a cross-disciplinary skillset, meaning she’s not limited when it comes to choosing her future career.

    “Mostly I’m looking forward to big projects, and the ability to create useful software and systems, but I also want to focus on web design,” she says.

    “There’s so many areas I can choose from!”



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    “IT is so broad, there’s so much you can do just from that degree even though it sounds like you’re just doing one thing.”

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