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Dr Andrew Blinco

Studying maths at The University of Queensland just might be your gateway to great adventures

From teaching in London to lecturing in China, copper mining in Chile or beef farming in Queensland, The University of Queensland (UQ) graduate Dr Andrew Blinco says maths in agriculture has opened the door to many adventures. “I’ve ended up in places I never knew existed,” he says. “I’ve been able to take my family overseas and live overseas.”

After completing his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics at UQ, Andrew did his Diploma in Education (in maths) and PhD (in graph theory). “There’s an amazing variety of research being done at UQ, and they’ve forged strong relationships with industry as well,” he says.

Andrew channelled his maths skills into business analysis and project management. “Numeracy skills are really transferable. Maths gives me confidence in dealing with people from different walks of life.”  

Andrew Blinco, Maths in Agriculture Careers

Photo: Janet Crommelin Brook

Now using maths in agriculture careers, Andrew is the business planning and improvement manager at OBE Organic, a supplier of Australian organic beef. He’s mixing his interests in healthy living with sustainability.

“Sustainability is about the efficient use of our resources and minimising waste. Whether I’m doing that with mining trucks in Chile or beef in Australia, with maths, I’m always working to make things more efficient.”

– Cristy Burne

Andrew Blinco, Maths in Agriculture Careers

“Maths gives me confidence in dealing with people from different walks of life”

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