Solar energy engineer

    Monique Alfris

    solar engineering
    By Carl Williams

    Roughly one in six urban residents in India lives in the slums, according to a 2013 census. The dwellings are overcrowded and dilapidated, with poor lighting and sanitation.

    Monique studied photovoltaic and solar energy engineering at UNSW Australia, where she experienced how solar energy projects were helping people in the developing world. “I lived with villagers in Nicaragua who had no access to electricity or clean water, and applied my skills to help them,” she says.

    In 2012, Monique co-founded Pollinate Energy, which aims to bring electricity to the estimated 1.2 billion people globally that live without it.

    Studying at UNSW Australia has been positive for Monique in other ways too.

    “One of the best things about being a female graduate is showing other young women that engineering is a rewarding career choice, where you can help solve the world’s greatest challenges.”

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