Cloud computing technologist

    Nathalia Tan

    cloud computing
    By Carl Williams

    Nathalia began her new role as a technology consultant in Deloitte’s cloud computing team in March 2016. It was secured, she says, as a direct result of the knowledge and skills she gained while studying for her double Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Computer Science at Monash University, which she completed in 2015.

    Nathalia chose the course at Monash because it involved a lot of practical work and, according to Nathalia, the chance to “get my hands dirty,” she says.

    “I was lucky to gain a unique set of skills, from problem solving and lateral thinking to communication and collaboration, as well as how to approach issues in a diplomatic manner,” says Nathalia. “These skills were all key to my being offered the job with Deloitte.”

    She says choosing to study both science and computing was a wise decision. “There are lots of instances these days, with the rise of big data, where science and computing come together in this fantastic way that we’ve never seen before – such as finding associations between air quality and health, or using genetic data to help breed drought-resistant crops like rice,” says Nathalia.

    cloud computing

    Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Computer Science
    Monash University

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