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Cyber security researcher

Defence careers

STEM really is the ultimate defence! Nicholas investigates how emerging tech can be used to stop cyber attacks on ADF systems

Inspired by his grandfather, who served as an officer in the Army (and wanting an exciting, high-impact place to work!), Nicholas knew Defence was the place for him. He started his journey with the Defence Graduate Program (Research and Innovation Pathway) and is now a cyber security researcher at DSTG.

In this gig, Nicholas explores how the latest advancements in AI and machine learning can be used to help defend ADF systems from cyber attacks.

“The ADF relies on information technology as much as any other organisation, perhaps even more so, given they help to run our military systems, such as our fighter jets and warships,” he explains.

“It is incredibly important that these systems are protected.”

One of the coolest opportunities Nicholas has had while working for Defence was the chance to be embedded as a civilian in the RAAF, working with their cyber security experts: “Working as a researcher involves lots of reading and learning, but this opportunity gave me a chance to do some hands-on cyber security work, getting up close to some really cool RAAF systems in the process.”

Nicholas’s pathway

  • Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) (Mathematics)
  • Master of Advanced Electrical Engineering
  • Defence Graduate Program (Research and Innovation pathway), DSTG
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Cyber Security (Purple Team Operations)
  • Cyber security researcher, DSTG

This article was originally published in the special edition of Careers with STEM: Defence


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