Nursing & psychology student

    Dorcas Tuyishimere

    Nursing and psychology student
    Image: QUT

    Nursing and psychology student Dorcas Tuyishimere is hitting the ground running in the final year of her combined health science degrees

    If you think your study should give you real-world experiences, it doesn’t get better than practising nursing in the Clinical Simulation Centre in QUT. The Centre gives health sciences students the opportunity to work with simulated patients in a clinical setting, including specialist medical imaging laboratories, ambulance simulation spaces and a pharmacy counselling room.

    Want even more of an edge? You can also combine nursing with psychology, like fourth year nursing student Dorcas Tuyishimere, who is completing her Bachelor of Nursing along with a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology), a seriously awesome combo. Her dream job is to work as a mental health nurse practitioner. 

    “In my psychology degree, I have engaged in counselling practice and skills, as well as curating data on IBM SPSS Statistics software,” she says.

    “My studies have helped me understand that there are many areas of nursing that I can work in. Studying a double degree in nursing and psychology influenced my dream to become a mental health nurse because I was interested in learning about mental illness and I also wanted to know how to care for and treat them,” she says. 

    Real world experience matters

    Dorcas says the amazing facilities at QUT really help provide experience when students go out on placements in the workforce.

    “The Centre is reflective of an operational hospital room, where you practise with real equipment and the latest technology in a simulated environment,” she says. She is now working through her nursing placement and looking forward to graduating next year with dual skills from her two degrees.

    Studying in STEM provides an opportunity to learn about and research a diverse range of topics. “This gives me an opportunity to broaden my mind and knowledge on mental health-related issues.”

    Her advice is to take the opportunity to get involved at uni and be active in your studies. “These activities inspire you and give you an indication of what you want to do in your future,” says Dorcas.

    Dorcas Tuyishimere’s nursing and psychology study path

    • Year 12, All Hallows’ School
    • Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)/Bachelor of Nursing, QUT

    This article was created in partnership with QUT and originally appears in the QUT STEM Guide 2022.

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