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Oliver Shaw

Mechatronics Engineering Student


ECU student Oliver Shaw hopes his final-year project – helping build Jaguar UGV, an off-road robotic vehicle on tank treads – will assist miners, farmers and others working the rugged terrain of Western Australia

CwS: What is your final-year project about?

Oliver: “The UGV project aims to deliver a modular tracked platform that is able to perform a variety of tasks. Currently, there are two versions of the UGV. Mk1 was built by previous student teams and is now being used as a testing platform for the electrical and software components. Mk2 is currently under development and aims to be completed by the end of the year with hopes of marketing and selling to potential clients.”

CwS: How does ECU support the project?

Oliver: “The robotics labs have many industry-standard robots for learning how basic systems operate, and I have always had great guidance and assistance from the teaching staff to help me excel. ECU also links students with many industry contacts and regularly hosts career fairs. This provides engineering students with an excellent opportunity to network and discuss current projects with industry professionals.”

CwS: What do you do on the project?

Oliver: “My area of research is electrical integration of the onboard systems: UGV’s motors, motor controllers and power supply.”

Oliver’s Study and Career pathway

  • Bachelor of Engineering, ECU
  • iEngineering Intern, Australian Potash Limited
  • STEM Tutor, Firetech Australia
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