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    Jenice Aira Taguiam

    Not all maths grads become maths teachers! Jenice is using her skills to digitally transform one of the Philippines’ biggest banks.union bank women in stem filipina PhilippinesTaguiam, Jenice Aira

    The world is changing fast, and that includes how we do banking – which means banks need STEM graduates with tech skills to help them drive the change.

    One such STEM graduate is Jenice Aira Taguiam. Jenice says she loved maths at school, which is why she went on to study a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Asia and the Pacific. Now she has the seriously cool-sounding gig of Optimisation Officer at UnionBank – one of the biggest banks in the Philippines.

    Digital transformation

    Jenice explains that her role is all about helping all different parts of the bank digitally transform their processes, and she’s currently co-leading an operational command centre that develops dashboards for analytical monitoring of all bank operations. The end-goal, she explains, “is to have a more proactive rather than reactive approach to customer issues.”

    Jenice says she is excited to see how data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform loads of industries in the Philippines as businesses adapt to the digital age, and she loves being part of that transformation.

    “I would like to enable our society to maximize the benefits of data and use it for their advantage in pursuit of the common good,” she says.

    When she’s not using data and numbers to make the world a better, more efficient place, you’ll find Jenice binge-watching Korean dramas and chatting with friends!

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