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Medical student

Nikora Wade - Medical Student

Medical student Nikora Wade uses his skills and strengths to give back to community  – By Nikora Wade with Amokura Panoho Ko Te Ramaroa-a-Kupe te maunga — Te Ramaroa-a-Kupe is my mountainKo Whirinaki te awa — Whirinaki is my riverKo Te Hokianganui-a-Kupe te moana — Te Hokianganui-a-Kupe my oceanKo Moria te Marae — Moria is my maraeKo Ngāpuhi te […]

First languages program facilitator

As a First Languages program facilitator Lala Gutchen works to build, understand and archive language – and today, that means utilising technology — By Lala Gutchen with Danika Davis We live in two worlds. Our language is for our world and our cultural practice and tells the rest of the world we were here first. […]

Research assistant

Keely Perry - Research Assistant

Research assistant, Keely Perry, translates research for the National Indigenous Science Translation Centre I work on a project for the National Indigenous Science Translation Centre (NISTC). It’s a new centre – not many people know about it yet. But I’m also a fifth-generation cattle farmer from Longreach.  I don’t know how to build fences and […]

Digital storyteller and broadcaster

Dre Ngatokorua - digital storyteller and broadcaster

Dre Ngatokorua is a deadly digital storyteller and broadcaster, Umeewarra media I feel proud being able to share my identity with a lot of people. My parents shaped me into becoming my own person. They’re prominent people in their own respective communities. I watched what they did and asked them questions on a lot of […]

Research project advisor

Brittany Carter is a Wiradjuri woman working as a research project advisor with CSIRO to highlight Indigenous peoples’ contributions to biological collections — By Brittany Carter with Jaina McIntyre I’ve always enjoyed learning. My mum had always wanted to be a teacher – so in my home, learning was really encouraged, and mum worked really […]

Director Māori Research and Partnerships

Director Māori Research and Partnerships - Ariana Estorias

Director Māori Research and Partnerships, Ariana Estoras (Ngāti Maniapoto), develops farming solutions that stem from both Mātauranga Māori and science – By Ariana Estora with Cassie Hart My parents knew the importance of fostering a connection with the land of our ancestors, so my sister and I spent every school holiday on my grandfather’s dry […]