Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Daniel Quevedo

Systems controller
Figuring out how humans and machines work together is just one of the research topics Daniel Quevedo has explored in his 20 plus years in the biz

Dr Nicole White

QUT graduate and Senior Research Fellow Dr Nicole White uses her background in maths and statistics to find meaning in healthcare data

Dr Rachel Hews

Senior lecturer and coordinator
Dr Rachel Hews is a legal expert passionate about equipping students at QUT’s School of Law with future-focussed skills.

Savita Sandhu

Savita Sandhu overcame her own personal health challenges to graduate with a degree in nutrition and dietetics

Lily Kenway

Student structural & façade engineer
Lily Kenway is mixing engineering, architecture and a passion for sustainability to build her dream career.

Gabrielle Booth

Biomedical science undergrad
Gabrielle Booth loved the sound of biomedical science in high school, but worried about job prospects – until an awesome holiday program with QUT changed her mind

Clare Birch

Quantum chemistry student
Ever chatted to a quantum chemistry student? Here’s 12 things you need to know about Clare Birch.

Dorcas Tuyishimere

Nursing & psychology student
Nursing and psychology student Dorcas Tuyishimere is hitting the ground running in the final year of her combined health science degrees.

Jake Ward

Strength and conditioning coach
Former business student Jake Ward has taken his winning approach to a career that’s encompassed the Olympics and rugby team Queensland Reds

Annabel Platt

Health information manager
Health information manager Annabel Platt turned her clinical placement into a full-time career before she’d even completed her final uni assignments

Jess Godfrey

Carbon capture & storage analyst
Jess Godfrey explores underground worlds to find ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Shaymus Malone

Physiology student
Shaymus Malone chose nutrition science, but is now switching to physiology

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