Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Saverio Vasapollo

Student, Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering
Saverio Vasapollo moved from Sydney to Adelaide to combine an Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering through TAFE SA with his work as a structural draftsman at Robert Bird Group.

James McCaw

Professor of mathematical biology
Thinking of a career in health? Start by honing your maths skills

Cathy Yuen Yi Lee

Data scientist
Cathy Yuen Yi Lee has applied her statistical expertise to roles in public health all over the world

Adam Benari

Data scientist
Adam Benari uses data science to improve disability support services.

Raina Jain

High school student
Raina Jain from Penrith Selective High School in Sydney tells us why maths will back up her future career plans

Johnathan McMenamin

Senior Economist
Johnathan McMenamin is a macroeconomist at Ernst & Young and works on exciting projects that help monitor, analyse, and present on the Australian economy, its labour market and government policy. 

Kiera Flynn

Corporate communications manager
Kiera Flynn’s background in biomedicine helped her land a communications role at L’Oreal

Charishma Kaliyanda

Liverpool councillor | Community engagement officer
Charishma is a mental health professional, community service expert and budding politician making a difference for the community.

Scarlet Kong

PhD student
PhD student Scarlet Kong is harnessing shape-changing materials to send soundwaves through the deep

Declan Burke

Research assistant
Chemistry Honours graduate Declan Burke is helping turn natural gas and iron ore into clean hydrogen and graphite.

Naomi Manu

Director of Pūhoro STEM Academy
Naomi Manu established the Pūhoro STEM Academy at Massey University, which works to improve Māori participation and success in STEM.

Jarom Hauwai-Sauer

Self-taught coder
Nine-year-old Jarom Hauwai-Sauer is a self-taught coder who is using his tech skills for good!

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