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Veronica Corinaldi

Pavement Engineer

Inspired by Italy’s ancient infrastructure, Veronica is using her engineering skills to help people and communities across Australia

Veronica Corinaldi says she was always interested in the amazing and often ancient built environment of her home country, Italy.

“The incredible infrastructure that has been built hundreds (or thousands in some cases!) of years ago and which still benefits our everyday life is proof of the immense potential of human capabilities in civil engineering,” she says.

It’s therefore not surprising that Veronica signed up for a degree in civil engineering, or that she chose the University of Bologna – one of the oldest universities in Italy, founded in 1088 – to kickstart her study path.

After graduating, Veronica moved across the world to Australia, “to further her knowledge in the field and gain a different perspective”. She is currently finishing a Master of Engineering specialising in Civil Engineering at Edith Cowan University (ECU), in Western Australia.

For her masters, Veronica is analysing the physical and mechanical properties of bamboo. “My university supervisor [at ECU], Dr Themelina Paraskeva introduced me to the amazing potential of bamboo in structural engineering,” she says. “I am particularly fond of this project as it revolves around the use of a sustainable, affordable and versatile material, which would improve the life-style of so many communities around the world.”

Veronica says Themelina is not just her thesis supervisor but also a mentor and an inspiration. “Themelina is a great inspiration to me,” she says. “Having her as a role model has been essential in my personal and professional growth and I hope that by sharing my personal experience I can help and support other young female engineers.”

At the same time as completing her masters, Veronica is also working at engineering consultancy, GHD, as a pavement engineer, on infrastructure projects around Australia. 

“I assist in the pavement design process from start to finish. This includes desktop studies, geotechnical and pavement investigation, analysis of data, reporting and providing consulting services to the client,” she explains.

Veronica says her work at GHD continues her desire to use her engineering skills to help people and communities. “Behind every project worked on at GHD is the intention and drive to improve communities around Australia and the world,” she says. “My most recent project, for example, helps in connecting communities through ease and safety of travel.”

Veronica says it was a challenge switching from her “academic mindset” in her university studies when transitioning into the workforce and real-world applications. “Luckily I have always felt supported and people are always willing to help if needed,” she says.

Veronica’s study and career path 

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering. University of Bologna
  • Master of Engineering (Civil), Edith Cowan University 
  • Peer Mentor, Edith Cowan University
  • Pavement Engineer, GHD

This article is brought to you in partnership with Edith Cowan University.

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