Director of product

    Zoe Ghani

    Product director

    Despite starting out as a journalist, I got a tech job in product management at Yahoo! Now, working at The Iconic is my dream job.

    I get to be around amazing fashion and work with some of the most talented engineering minds in the industry. I’m also writing a book. People are often surprised that I’m interested in cooking as much as tech!

    My advice: Don’t let anyone get in the way of what you want to do, even if you’re the only girl. As long as you love it, you belong there.  

    Zoe’s path to becoming a product director

    >> Degree in journalism and creative writing

    >> News reporter & webmaster

    >> Yahoo! product management roles

    >> Director of product, THE ICONIC

    product director

    “As long as you love it, you belong there.”


    Author: Breana


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