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Rachel Lin

Product Manager

Rachel Lin - Product Manager -Atlassian

Rachel Lin is a Product Manager for new products at Atlassian! Below, she walks us through her exciting STEM journey that landed her this dream gig.

Rachel became switched on to STEM back in high school after attending a Women in Banking event. “I really started thinking about what I wanted to do in life,” she explains. “At the time, tech was really starting to become a focus in the banking industry, and they shared tonnes of interesting projects they were working on!”

She then went on to study a Bachelor of Information Systems at UNSW while interning at places like CBA, Google, UBER Eats and Atlassian.

Now working full-time at Atlassian as a Product Manager in a new products team, Rachel is building a totally new, exciting concept around project communications with a rockstar team. “It involves lots of visioning and strategic work, defining MVPs, customer engagement, go to market planning, and building awesome features,” she says.

The big picture goal here? To pioneer the world of async/distributed work and help teams connect and communicate with each other so they can progress work forward more effectively.

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All the perspectives

When it comes to diversity in the STEM workforce, Rachel thinks it’s super beneficial to have a range of views. “Different perspectives = more creativity = greater, fun ideas in tech to improve how we do things!” she says.

She also believes that diversity helps to create role models in the industry, overcoming barriers for groups of younger people, by showcasing what it’s like to work in tech, so they feel like they can join the industry too.

STEM myths busted

One thing Rachel wishes she had known back in high school is that STEM isn’t as daunting or difficult to grasp as you may first think.

“When I was younger, I thought that technical concepts were mysteries, that only the most intelligent people could understand and I was scared to approach it because it made my head spin,” she explains. “I’ve learnt that whilst there are a tonne of super smart people in tech, they can also help break down the concepts, making it a lot more accessible and understandable.”

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Rachel’s STEM study and career pathway to becoming a product manager at Atlassian

  • Bachelor of Information Systems, UNSW
  • Business Analyst, McKinsey
  • Product Manager – New Products, Atlassian
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