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Deepa Kurian

Deepa lived in six countries, across four continents as a young girl.

“The experience and understanding of different cultures is critical for working in a global company,” she says. Though you may not expect it of a computer scientist, becoming a better communicator is a vital skill for those who communicate in code.

Like 57%* of women in STEM, Deepa names her parents as her biggest influencers when it came to deciding her career path, and got into engineering because of her dad.

Now based in Sydney, Deepa’s an engineering manager for the engineering productivity team at Google. Her team design and carry out testing strategies for Google’s apps and software. They’re also seeking out ways for Google’s developers to become more productive in less time, with more intuitive and helpful software features.

The crew Deepa works with is all about collaboration – discovering the ‘weaknesses’ in tech that are slowing us down, and adjusting software to best meet user needs. “You’re meeting and collaborating with so many smart, interesting people who provide new angles to your thoughts and ideas,” says Deepa.

“Flexible work hours and the free meals are an additional perk!”

– Eliza Brockwell

Deepa’s path

> > Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai

> > Masters in Computer Science, Columbia University, New York

> > Software Analyst (Internship), Citigroup, New York

> > Test Engineer, Google, Bangalore

> > Test Engineer, Google, Sydney

> > Test Engineering Manager, Google, Sydney


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“The experience and understanding of different cultures is critical for working in a global company.”

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Eliza Brockwell

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Eliza is the Digital Producer for Careers with STEM. Eliza is passionate about creating content that encourages diversity of representation in STEM.

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