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Ben Jackman


The 2008 global financial crisis turned the world upside down – and trying to make sense of it led to a whole new career for Ben Jackman, who was taking a break from university after two years studying biochemistry.

“I was quite shocked to read about banks going under in many countries and financial markets grinding to a halt,” Ben recalls. Fascinated, he returned to university, this time switching to study economics.

During his degree, Ben joined the RBA’s summer internship program and was excited to work on a project on Chinese investment. After completing an Honours year in economics, he joined the RBA’s graduate program.

Ben is now a professional economist at the RBA – and loves his job. “The questions are wide-ranging and interesting,” he says, adding he’s constantly learning new things.

There are plenty of opportunities to take on stimulating projects, Ben says, and he also enjoys the day-to-day work in his current role, spotting trends in the Australian economy to help inform the RBA’s decisions.

“There’s an enormous range of things you can do with an economics degree – it can take you into just about any industry, all over the world,” says Ben.

“I feel lucky to be able to work on questions that I find interesting, and I greatly enjoy making a small contribution to public policy in Australia.”

Ben’s pathway to becoming a professional economist

> > Bachelor of Economics, University of Queensland

> > Internship, RBA

> > Honours in Economics, University of Queensland

> > Graduate economist program, RBA

> > Senior Analyst in Domestic Markets, RBA

This article was originally published in Careers with STEM: Economics 2019

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