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Emma Chow

Public education economist

Emma Chow - Public Education Economist

Emma Chow’s role is all about encouraging more participation and diversity in economics

Emma thought she wanted to study psychology at university… but changed her mind. “I ended up choosing economics after realising that, at its core, economics is a study of human behaviour!” she says.

“It also excited me that I could work on real-world issues and shape policies that impact people’s lives.”

In her role as a public education economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Emma gets to work with data on students and schools to help her team understand who chooses to study economics in Australia and why.

“My team was established to help increase the size and diversity of the economics student population,” Emma says. And given all the ways economic decisions impact Australians, it’s an important goal!

“People with economics backgrounds often go on to work in roles where their decisions affect many people, so it’s important to have a wide range of perspectives, ideas and solutions at the decision-making table,” Emma says.

“I want to encourage people from all backgrounds – whether that’s gender, cultural background or socio-economic status – to explore economics.”

As well as working with data, Emma’s day-to-day might involve giving presentations to high school students and creating resources that explain economic concepts in simple terms.

Emma feels studying economics has helped her to be a better analytical thinker, considering different ways to tackle a problem.

She loves helping students increase their understanding of economics, and encouraging more students to take an interest in economic issues. “It’s fun trying to explain technical economic concepts in an engaging and informative way, and to help students see how relevant they are to all our lives.”

Emma’s top career tip

“Keep up with what’s happening around the world and ask questions! Think about the bigger picture: how does what you are learning in the textbook apply to the real world?”

Emma’s STEM study and career path to becoming a public education economist

  • Bachelor of Economics (Honours) / Bachelor of Commerce, UNSW
  • Intern, Deloitte Access Economics
  • Graduate economist, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Public education economist, Reserve Bank of Australia
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