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    Genevieve De Michele

    Genevieve has worked on some pretty major construction projects including Brisbane’s M5 Legacy Way tunnel and the rail network strategy for South East Queensland.

    Civil and construction engineer Genevieve De Michele loves seeing her work in the real world everyday.

    When Genevieve De Michele was in high school, she really loved maths, physics and IT. During her engineering degree, however, Genevieve she says she didn’t have much of an idea of what engineers did or what type of engineering she wanted to specialise in. Her lightbulb moment came during a class on mixing concrete. “My dad’s a builder, and growing up around construction sites with him, I felt immediately comfortable,” she says. “I realised, ‘I’m going to be a civil engineer’.”

    Genevieve graduated from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a Bachelor of Civil and Construction Engineering. Based in Brisbane, Genevieve now works as an infrastructure and transport advisor for a company called Gluco Consultants.

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    “I help government and private clients scope projects and solve problems in a really broad range of ways,” she explains.

    Genevieve has worked on major projects including Brisbane’s M5 Legacy Way tunnel and the rail network strategy for South East Queensland. She’s currently working with the Queensland Reconstruction Authority on disaster relief projects.

    Genevieve loves seeing the product of her work in the real world. “I drive past the Legacy Way tunnel and I get so excited when people are using it,” she says. Her advice to aspiring engineers is to do what you love, and to take advantage of networking opportunities.

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    Genevieve’s study and career pathway

    This article is brought to you in partnership with QUT. This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2020.

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