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    Lexi Townsend

    QUT Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments grad, Lexi Townsend.

    As a teenager, Lexi Townsend had more than a few strings  to her bow. She loved maths but also enjoyed composing music, making art and playing video games. “I had a really weird combination of skills,” she says.

    But her wide interests were a perfect fit for the QUT Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments degree and by the end Lexi had created a fully fledged video game for her third-year capstone project. (These capstone projects are completed towards the end of some degrees to bring together what has been learned.) It gave Lexi the opportunity to team up with students from other courses, like sound design.

    “It was fantastic to learn how the process of creating a game works from start to finish,” she says.

    Since graduating, Lexi has been busy running her own virtual reality technology business and says studying at QUT equipped her with the skills to tackle a broad range of client projects. “QUT is great at teaching you how to apply the skills that you already have to an industry that you’re really interested in,” says Lexi.

    No matter what your level of experience is, Lexi says, “if you can push yourself to commit, it pays off”. 

    Lexi’s career path:

    >> QUT Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments (Animation), Queensland University of Technology

    >> Lead Artist, MAXART

    >> Junior Generalist, Liquid Animation

    >> Founder, Lexi Townsend Art

    This article was brought to you in partnership with QUT. It was originally published in Careers with STEM: Code 2019. You can read the e-magazine for free online here.

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