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Shaymus Malone

Physiology student

Health sciences offers so many awesome study pathways. Shaymus Malone chose nutrition science, but is now switching to physiology

Shaymus says uni was a big change from school, and it took a while to figure out how everything works. Now in his second year at QUT with an interest in nutrition and the human body, his study has shown him the things he likes and is good at, as well as those he doesn’t like and isn’t good at. 

Study is often about the opportunity to explore and find the path you feel you were meant to be on: for Shaymus, this is to be successful and to help as many people as possible.

With an initial interest in biology in school, Shaymus recently switched from studying a Bachelor of Nutrition Science to a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology at QUT. The Nunukul and Kangalou man also works as a ranger on Moreton Island (Mulgumpin). 

Studying STEM was a no-brainer as “no matter what part of STEM you study in, eventually the information that you will learn plays a big role in many different career pathways,” he says.

“I used to think STEM was all about science as when asking about STEM, the examples were always chemistry and biology. Now I have learnt that STEM is a lot more diverse,” he says.

During his degree, he’s learned about nutrition, how the body works and how to be a health professional. “I am looking forward to learning more about the biomechanics, rehabilitation and treatment used in exercise physiology.”

A favourite so far is the opportunity to work in real-world scenarios in the anatomy labs at QUT.

“I’ve really enjoyed looking at learning about the human body and how it works. I love that we have had the opportunity to learn with cadavers.”

His advice for prospective students? “Keep your options open and do something that you really enjoy as it will be more interesting for you.” 

Shaymus’ pathway

  • Year 12, Ipswich Grammar School
  • Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology, QUT
  • Ranger, Mulgumpin

This article was created in partnership with QUT and originally appears in the QUT STEM Guide 2022.


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