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Raina Jain

High school student

Raina Jain from Penrith Selective High School in Sydney tells us why maths will back up her future career plans

Hey Raina, can you tell us about yourself?

“My name is Raina Jain, I’m a year 11 student at Penrith Selective High School and a couple of important subjects I have taken this year are extension maths and economics.”

What year 10 subjects encouraged you to take extension maths and economics in year 11?

“Science (physics, chemistry) and economics. I also want to have a greater understanding of data and I thought these would be helpful.”

What are you hoping to study in maths extension?

“I’m really looking forward to studying graphs and I want to know more about trends analysis that will help me in economics. Most importantly, what interests me is how numbers can play out in real life.”

And what are you looking forward to in economics?

“I want to know how the government spends money and how money moves around the world. I’m interested in how money is controlled by the government, businesses, individuals and how it plays a massive role in our lives.”

Have any teachers helped you along the way?

“My maths teacher from last year was Mr Tan. It was lucky we had him. He was very engaging and taught most topics to us in creative ways. He showed us videos to explain basic concepts and that gave us a visual understanding of what was really happening.
He was funny as well.”

What do you like about solving problems?

“When you understand a concept and then when you are given a problem to solve, you get to choose your own method to solve it. That has been the most fun and satisfying part for me.”

What happens if you don’t solve it first go?

“I’d try again and again until I got the correct method and the accurate answer.”

What was the most fun you’ve had at school, using your maths and data skills?

“We did a STEM project renovating a block of this old building. We had to create a design to renovate it and consider things such as the height of the structure, trees around it, space and costs. It was hands-on and it took about four weeks from start to finish. That was a really cool learning experience.

What’s your ultimate career pathway?

“I want to take up finance. I am interested in investment banking. I get inspired by my dad – he buys shares and stocks so I’m keen to understand that bit of investment banking. I also like the idea of working for Google one day.

In a perfect world, what’s your dream job?

“I would like to be a presenter – just present stuff to large groups of audiences. Maybe a finance news person or present TEDx talks.”

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2021.

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