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Dr Lamiae Azizi

Research statistician

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To truly make an impact – either at home or abroad – check out (and check into) mathematical Sciences.

Dr Lamiae Azizi, research statistician and lecturer in statistics at The University of Sydney, isn’t your average mathematician. This bubbly lady is an applied mathematician who teaches statistics, which even successful students still find difficult. She says the key to getting your head around maths is in accepting that you just might not get every single detail.

“I think some people drop maths very quickly because they get stuck on the idea that mathematics is too hard,” Lamiae says. “We tell students to stop focusing on memorising the formulas, instead we get them to think about how these can be used in many exciting real-world applications and sectors.”

Mathematical sciences focus not only on solving equations but also on formulating the framework needed to solve big-picture issues in various applications, such as machine learning.

As a research statistician, Lamiae has worked with biologists in genomics to work towards a cure for cancer, for example, and with engineers to build robots that learn.

“If you want to be saving the world or changing the world, maths is the way to do it,” says Lamiae.

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“If you want to be saving the world or changing the world, maths is the way to do it.”



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