Risk Taker

Taj Pabari

Although I’m still in high school I have a huge interest in the world of business, which has led to my engineering and technological endeavours. I love taking risk and also love creating and challenging things.

If there’s a problem, I enjoy finding creative and new ways of solving it. STEAM [STEM including Arts] skills are the future, and the future of opportunities in engineering is endless. My Fiftysix Creations is a build-it-yourself tablet and creativity kit for kids.

It’s as easy as a puzzle, as fun as a computer game. I also run computer science, creativity and entrepreneurship workshops and my goal is to educate a million students by 2020. After all, the biggest risk in life is not taking one. Have a go, make mistakes and take the risk! Sometimes you have to follow your passions and let them take you wherever they lead.

Taj’s path to becoming an Entrepreneur

>> Studied at John Paul College, Brisbane

>> Started FiftySix Creations

>> Goal : A million Students taught by 2020

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“Sometimes you have to follow your passion and let them take you wherever they lead!”

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