Robotics engineer

    Katrina Lo Sourdo

    Katrina Lo Surdo with robots

    Imagining and designing smiling, soft-voiced robots is one thing but wiring them up to walk, talk and do their jobs involves complex engineering.

    Katrina Lo Surdo, electrical and computer engineer in the robotics and autonomous systems group at CSIRO’s Data61, is one of the helping the robots to perform. A University of Queensland graduate, Katrina says she has landed her “dream job” at Data61.

    “Primarily I’m working on circuit board design and hardware development,” she says. “These are the embedded systems that ensure all the robot’s electrical elements are connected correctly. I am part of a large team with other people handling the software and the decision-making for the robot – its navigation, its perception, and things like that.” Katrina is also witnessing the massive expansion of her profession.

    “There are so many opportunities right now,” she says. “Even if your study focus is electrical engineering, you can still end up in software or systems. I studied machine learning in my degree and could certainly have pursued a career in that if I’d wanted to.

    “Data61 is absolutely my dream job – working on next-generation robotics and seeing this whole industry take shape.” – Matthew Brace

    Katrina’s career path:

    • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Queensland
    • Systems engineer, Boeing
    • Electrical and Computer Engineer, Data61, CSIRO
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