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    Sean Bly

    Sometimes career decisions are made in the strangest places. Sean Bly was in Italy, on holiday from his sail coach job, when he saw an ad for a degree in networks and security. He instantly applied for it and was accepted. A few years later he made it into ANZ Bank’s Graduate Program. He now works as a security analyst. Wait a minute – from sailing coach to cybersecurity guru?

    “I always found maths at school interesting,” Sean says. “And at uni I really enjoyed computing and cybersecurity subjects.” After uni, Sean set sail on a sporting career. But he also began thinking about what he wanted in life after sports. “I was looking for a change,” he says. “Cybersecurity and working as a security analyst looked very interesting. And I’m happy to say, it’s a really cool career.”

    In his role at ANZ, Sean trials internal security processes to protect customer data like contact and credit card details. When it comes to charting your career course, Sean feels it’s best to decide based on what’s most interesting to you. “If you’re not sure what you want to do, don’t worry. A career is like a sailing trip – you’ll change course sometimes. What you’re doing now doesn’t have to be your forever.”

    – Claire Harris

    Sean’s path to becoming a security analyst

    >> Bachelor of Computing/Business (Banking/Finance), Monash University

    >> Sailed full-time and coached sailors with Yachting Victoria

    >> Master of Networks and Security, Monash University

    >> Graduate program and governance analyst, Security and Technology Risk Services team, ANZ

    >> Still coaches for the Tasmanian District Laser Association

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    Sean Bly security analyst

    “If you’re not sure what you want to do, don’t worry. A career is like a sailing trip – you’ll change course sometimes.”

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