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    As a software engineer working in Google Photos, Tina gets to combine two of her passions – computer science (CS) and photography.

    “You can pretty much do anything with CS,” says Tina, who chose to study CS at uni because she wanted to know more about how the technology she used every day works.

    It was a great fit for Tina, who found the concepts very intuitive. After smashing her first Google internship, Tina was invited back for two more before obtaining a full-time role after graduating.

    Google Photos apps (phone and web-based) allow users to automatically upload and access photos taken across multiple devices, it’s what we love about how the app works. Tina’s job helps to make that happen.

    She works on the photos servers – the software the apps make requests to – and writes the code that executes requests like finding photos in Google’s storage systems, creating virtual albums, sharing an album with others or “most importantly to me… retrieving all the photos I’ve taken of dogs!”

    “It’s a myth that software engineering is inherently difficult,” Tina says. “Anyone can learn how to do it.”

    If you’re thinking of studying CS, Tina suggests getting some practice in by learning to write small programs, or making little HTML web pages, “just to get used to what it’s like to write in a language that computers understand.”

    For Tina, one of the best things about working at Google is “20% time”. Googlers get to spend 20% of their working hours on an approved project, which Tina uses for student engagement or organising Google’s programming competition, Code Jam.

    “Another great aspect is that I’m constantly learning about the best way to approach problems and provide the best solutions for users,” she says. “I love having an impact on real people, and making their lives easier!

    – Larissa Fedunik

    Tina’s career path:

    >> Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced), University of Adelaide

    >> STEP (Summer Trainee Engineering Program) I Intern, Google

    >> STEP II Intern, Google

    >> Software Engineer Intern, Google

    >> Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours), University of Adelaide

    >> Software Engineer, Google


    This profile is brought to you in partnership with Google.

    I love having an impact on real people, and making their lives easier!

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    Larissa Fedunik-Hofman

    Author: Larissa Fedunik-Hofman

    Larissa is the editorial assistant for Careers with STEM and a Chemistry PhD student. Larissa’s goal is to promote public engagement with STEM through inspiring stories.


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