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Fusun Yu

Senior analyst

Fusun Yu - senior analyst at Commonwealth Bank

Fusun Yu uses data and analytics skills to help Commonwealth Bank customers affected by natural disasters

Fusun has always loved science and when he was a kid, wanted to build robots and gadgets.

My dream was to have a housekeeping robot like Rosie from The Jetsons so I didn’t need to clean my room!” he says.

Sadly, Fusun (who was born in Sri Lanka) couldn’t follow his passion for robotics because of the country’s limited education options. Instead, he went on to work in a bank and studied a management accounting qualification via distance education. He later migrated to Australia and worked as a teller for Commonwealth Bank before climbing the ranks to become a senior analyst in the bank’s Chief Data and Analytics Office.

Now in his day-to-day gig, Fusun uses technology to manage communication channels, like email and text, to contact Commonwealth Bank customers affected by natural disasters.

“For example, if you were affected by a flood, I would send you a message on who to contact to get help with your banking needs,” he explains.

He says helping people is the best part of his job, and he’s got big future plans in this space!

“My goal is to help five billion people,” he says. “I can’t share more details… However, I can give you a hint: it’s something to do with AI and microbes.

Fusun believes there are heaps of exciting opportunities coming up in AI and that the demand for people with science, engineering and AI skills will be huge.

“That includes people who can effectively communicate with systems like ChatGPT and find solutions for problems,” he adds.

And at the core of all this? Maths! Fusun says it’s a key component of science, technology and engineering and without it, it’s impossible to build robots or AI systems.

Fusun’s study and career path to becoming a senior analyst at Commonwealth Bank

  •  Management accountant qualification, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK
  •   Customer service representative, Commonwealth Bank
  •   Local business banker, Commonwealth Bank
  •   Analyst, Corporate Financial Services, Commonwealth Bank
  •   Business improvement manager, Corporate Financial Services, Commonwealth Bank
  •   Senior analyst, Risk and Control Advisory and Delivery, Commonwealth Bank
  •   Senior analyst, Chief Data and Analytics Office, Commonwealth Bank

This article was brought to you in partnership with Commonwealth Bank and first appeared in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2023.

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