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Jeremy Stoddard

Senior research engineer

Jeremy Stoddard - senior research engineer

Jeremy Stoddard is mad about maths and music

This makes his job at Dolby as a senior research engineer the perfect fit!

Jeremy’s favourite subjects at school were maths and physics, so he studied engineering at uni. He followed that up with a PhD that involved making mathematical models to help understand complex systems.

Jeremy is also massively into music. He has played piano since he was six years old, was in “a bunch of bands” in high school, and still loves to jam with his friends. 

So, when a fellow engineering grad landed a job at audio software company Dolby Laboratories  and loved it, Jeremy was keen to apply too. But having no professional audio experience, he was nervous about his chances.

Luckily, the company “took a leap of faith,” Jeremy says, and now he has a seriously cool-sounding job as a senior research engineer in Dolby’s sound technology group. 

A lot of Jeremy’s work relates to the company’s premier audio format, Dolby Atmos, which is tech that makes it feel like the sound in music or movies is all around you – even above your head! Jeremy says it takes “a bunch of fancy maths” to make that happen, including some foundational topics you may already be learning at school, like calculus.

While he loves working in the music industry, Jeremy stresses that music isn’t the only creative part of his STEM job – he uses creativity all the time to come up with new ideas and think outside the box.

And when Jeremy finishes work, if he’s not playing around on his keyboard or jamming with friends, he loves tuning into Netflix where he can enjoy the products of his day job in his own home

Jeremy’s study and career path to becoming a senior research engineer

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), University of Newcastle
  • PhD, University of Newcastle
  • Student researcher, CSIRO
  • Senior research engineer, Dolby Laboratories 

This profile was originally published in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data

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