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    Liz Broderick

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    My father ran one of Sydney’s first nuclear medicine practices and, while at school, I earned extra money picking up patients who needed a scan. Once a female patient asked about my family and on hearing I was one of three daughters, she said ‘Your poor father – no one to carry on the family name!’

    That was the moment I realised the achievements of women were often considered less valuable than those of men. I promised myself I would do what I could to challenge those unconscious biases.  

    At university, I studied computer science and law, and I still refer back to many of the lessons I learned about how to challenge the ways we work.  

    Today, I’m a business and social change innovator. I work with organisations in the fields of gender equality and diversity, making it easier for girls to explore their own passions, whether that’s computer science, arts or law.

    Social change innovator
    Elise Roberts

    Author: Elise Roberts

    Elise is a science, tech and business enthusiast, motivated to connect people with research that will propel their success. With over ten years’ experience working at the intersection of technology and communications across a wide range of industries, Elise enjoys jumping on the latest trends in digital media to share new knowledge with the Australian community.


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