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Anna Truffet

Software engineer, Google

Anna Truffet works to verify user identities to prevent financial crime

When Anna decided to combine computer science and accounting at the University of Queensland, it proved to be a winning move. “I wasn’t sure how an accounting degree would help me as a software engineer, but understanding the business side and the ‘why’ aspect of problems has landed me jobs and made me a better programmer,” she says.

While at uni, Anna interned for tech companies GBST and Atlassian before moving to Sydney to take up a graduate software engineering position at Google.

In her Google gig, Anna automates verifying people and organisations’ identities to help prevent money laundering and keep Google users safe. “It’s my team’s job to make sure our users are who they say they are,” she says. 

A typical day for Anna starts by collecting feedback from users. She then takes this information to product managers and her team to identify what work they should implement. With her team, she designs, builds and tests the solution, then ships it to the users and confirms that it meets their needs.

Anna’s advice for high school students is to keep an open mind about careers and follow your passions. “You’ll be surprised by how seemingly random interests and paths will open doors to opportunities that you never thought were possible.”

Watch Anna talk about her tech career in the below video:

Anna’s study and career path to becoming a software engineer at Google

  •   Information technology assistant, Jacobi
  •   Software engineer intern, GBST
  •   Software engineer intern, Atlassian
  •   Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), The University of Queensland
  •   Software engineer, Google

This profile was brought to you in partnership with Google and first appeared in Careers with STEM: Technology 2023.

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