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    Alex Morgan

    Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan, Software Engineer, Atlasssian. Image: Lauren Trompp

    Alex Morgan works as a Software Engineer at cool tech company, Atlassian! He tells us how he got into STEM and gives us a behind-the-scenes look into what it’s like to work for this Australian tech giant.

    Alex’s passion for STEM became clear to him in high school… when his careers advisor suggested he go to uni and study law! “I absolutely didn’t want to do that, and that helped me figure out what I DID want, so STEM was the path forward,” says Alex. “I went into uni for chemical engineering, but Auckland University has all their engineering students try each specialisation, and I fell in love with software.”

    Now working at Atlassian, it’s Alex’s job to write code to improve the product he works on, either by adding new features, tweaking existing ones, or making sure it’s reliable and fast. It involves a lot of working with others to figure out the tradeoffs and the best way forward.

    Alex and his team are currently trying to build up a new product that lets teams update each other on their various projects so that it’s easy to stay informed about the different stuff that’s going on, or the progress of a particular project.

    “It’s really exciting to work on something brand-new!” he says. “Plus, it’s a problem you run into working at any big company so I hope we do a good job of solving it for my own sake!”

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    STEM advice

    Alex’s top tip for those want to learn about and pursue a career in STEM? Work with your peers.

    “Just discussing things with a set of different people can be really valuable,” he says.

    “Often the key for me to understanding something has been from someone phrasing it in a different way or from a different perspective that’s made it just click. That ‘aha’ moment feels great and gives the kind of deep understanding that you never lose. Seek it out.”

    Alex’s STEM study and career pathway to becoming a software engineer at Atlassian

    • Bachelors of Engineering (Software) with Honours, University of Auckland
    • Software Engineer Intern, Olympic Software Ltd
    • Software Engineer, Atlassian
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