Software engineer at Telstra

    Cameron Hunter

    Cameron (Cam) Hunter swapped into IT from an architecture degree to optimise his design skills building apps instead of houses. “I loved the design component of architecture but found the mental challenge of coding exhilarating,” he says.

    Cam has enjoyed coding since his first exposure in high school. “I always loved the rush I got from solving logic problems through code,” he says.

    Cam hopes to set up his own FinTech startup in the future – something he trialled at university – and says that IT will give him the skills he’ll need. “When I’m not studying a new area of coding I’m looking into financial markets and planning out how I would run my own startup,” he says.

    Near the end of his uni degree, Cam applied to a range of tech companies for a graduate role. “The assessment day at Telstra was pretty fun, involving group activities to see who would work together,” Cam recalls.

    “I love the startup atmosphere of our team,” he says, adding they get to work on many different things and help each other out with various projects.

    – Fran Molloy

    Cam’s career path:

    >> Bachelor of Information Technology, Griffith University

    >> Co-founder of Startup incubator, Studio 39

    >> Intern Placement, Global Work and Travel/Technology Graduate, Telstra

    >> Software Engineer, Telstra


    This profile is brought to you in partnership with Telstra.

    “I always loved the rush I got from solving logic problems through code”

    artificial intelligence
    Fran Molloy

    Author: Fran Molloy

    FRAN MOLLOY is a freelance journalist and university lecturer whose career has spanned newspapers, radio and online publications. She writes about business, careers, research, science and environment.



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