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    Reshma Abraham

    Reshma Abraham was captivated by programming from an early age.

    The third year student, who is studying a Software Engineering degree at Macquarie University, was greatly influenced by her dad’s work as an IT professional. Reshma says that “he put that passion and drive into me and made me really experience what it’s like to work in IT”.

    Studying a Software Engineering degree at Macquarie Uni

    After this early exposure to programming, Reshma chose to study a software engineering degree because she finds it fun and challenging. “It really pushes your boundaries and requires continuous learning.”

    She says that one of the best things about studying at Macquarie is that the software engineering degree offers a highly cross-disciplinary program which also focuses on electronics, communications and mechatronics.

    Her favourite part of the degree is the work experience component. “It helps you develop a skill set and prepares you for the workplace environment before you graduate. Macquarie has built a really practical degree.”



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    Taking on an internship and tutoring

    Reshma’s internship will take place at the end of this year and in the meantime she’s working casually at North Sydney Girls High School, where she teaches girls how to code in HTML and Python.

    She loves her role and says that the kids are fantastic and so keen to learn. “It’s great to teach young students because you get to learn at the same time. You really have to break down the problems and explain the issues.”

    Her extracurriculars

    Studying at Macquarie has also allowed Reshma to take part in some great extracurricular programs.

    Over the summer, she took part in a programming bootcamp at professional services company Accenture, where one of the challenges involved creating a user interface for a cryptocurrency.

    “It was really fast-paced and intense, but lots of fun.”

    Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

    Reshma is an executive member of WISE, Macquarie’s student society for Women in Science and Engineering, where she’s working on coordinating events such as networking sessions with uni staff and industry professionals.

    She also rows three times a week with the Macquarie University Rowing Club and enjoys the team training and hangouts afterwards.

    Great potential

    Reshma is excited about all the ground-breaking technology happening in computer science right now, from quantum computing to 5G.

    She says that her short term career goal is to work in a corporate environment (her dream workplace is multinational technology company IBM), building up her programming knowledge and professional skill set.

    Later in the future she’d love to become an entrepreneur and apply the skills she’s learnt to give back to the community. “In terms of career aspirations, I feel like I have the chance to explore all the options in software engineering.”

    “In terms of career aspirations, I feel like I have the chance to explore all the options in software engineering.”

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