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    Elnaz Hariri

    Elnaz Hariri - solar lead

    Want to know what it’s like to work in STEM + Resources & Energy?

    We spoke to solar lead, Elnaz Hariri, who is using her engineering skills in solar energy. Be sure to check out her super cool CV too!

    CwS: How did you get into engineering?
    EH: In high school, I liked maths and physics. I’d always thought that designing and fabricating stuff seemed cool, so I decided to study mechanical engineering.

    CwS: Tell us about your job!
    EH: I work at Sun Cable as the solar lead. Sun Cable is developing the world’s largest solar energy infrastructure network, making it possible to power whole cities with renewable energy. My role is to design experiments to help inform technology choices.

    CwS: What’s something people might be surprised to know about working in renewable energy?
    EH: No matter what your background, you can actively participate in renewable energy. You must have a passion to learn about the industry and build new skills.

    CwS: What career opportunities do you see coming up?
    EH: The field is far-reaching and there are a multitude of STEM-related fields within it, like photovoltaics and mechanical, electrical, chemical and software engineering.

    Elnaz’s STEM study and career path to becoming a solar lead

    • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zanjan, Iran
    • Master of Renewable Energy Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
    • Mechanical engineer, Iran Exhaust
    • Co-founder & project manager, Avesta
    • Engineering laboratory manager, CPP Wind Engineering Consultants
    • Solar lead, Sun Cable

    This profile originally appears in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2022.

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