Payment solutions developer

    Ermias Zerazion

    solutions developer

    My work has shown me that most of our problems could be solved or simplified with technology as the digital world touches all aspects of life.

    One of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on was part of my degree program at the University of New England. We built a mobile app, which helps people suffering from mental illness develop self-care skills like time and stress management. It was a massive project and presented us with a lot of challenges.

    Now I help develop integrated EFTPOS payment solutions for software company IAPetus.

    Ermias’s path to becoming a payment solutions developer

    >> Diploma in graphic design, Armidale TAFE

    >> Bachelor of computer science, University of New England

    >> Self-employed developer

    >> Software developer, IAPetus

    solutions developer

    “The digital world touches all aspects of life.”


    Author: Breana


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