Digital communicator

    Sophia Slancar

    Sophia Slancar, digital communicator

    Sophia Slancar mashes up STEM, communications and creativity in her cool gig as a social media and marketing officer.

    If you use social media, you’re already on the path to a STEM career! Sophia Slancar is the social media and marketing officer for Limes Boutique Hotel and the Brisbane French Festival. She works in social media management and strategy, content creation and digital marketing every day.

    Sophia became switched on to STEM in high school, through the creative media, design technology and engineering subjects she studied. But it was her gig working for the Brisbane French Festival when Sophia realised it could be a career win. “I joined the festival’s committee and became heavily involved in the digital media, social media, marketing, PR and promotion side of the organisation,” she explains. “This ignited my interest in the social media and marketing field, which led me to applying for the Master of Digital Communication at QUT.”

    Through her Masters, Sophia was able to explore a wide range of topics, including coding, social media data analytics, automation and transmedia storytelling.

     Sophia believes there are so many exciting career opportunities in digital communication as it’s becoming more relevant every day. “I can work in almost any industry I wish, because nearly all of them need marketing, digital technology and social media to maintain relevance and connection to their audiences, and to share their products and services.”

     Her advice for those who want to combine STEM with what they love is to just go for it! “Find the right connections, do your research, and take any opportunity to be involved in STEM that comes your way.”

    Sophia’s study and career path

    • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Communication, University of Queensland
    • Master of Digital Communication, QUT
    • Social Media, PR and Marketing Officer/Secretary, Brisbane French Festival 
    • Front Desk Receptionist and Social Media/Marketing Officer, Limes Boutique Hotel

    This article was created in partnership with QUT and originally appears in the QUT STEM Guide 2022.

    Saskia Horgan-Catchpole

    Author: Saskia Horgan-Catchpole

    Saskia Horgan-Catchpole is a Uni student studying Archaeology and Linguistics. She enjoys learning languages, painting and martial arts.


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