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    Dr Jono Tuke

    Maths at the University of Adelaide helps people get a grip on what’s going on around them.

    Forget about your horoscope — the best tool for predicting the future is maths. “Mathematics and statistics are the fundamental language of research,” says Dr Jono Tuke, a lecturer in statistics courses at the University of Adelaide. “At a deep level, you’re looking for patterns.”

    Jono and his maths mate Professor Matthew Roughan are members of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers, which brings together researchers from universities, government and industry.

    They are researching how to design large networks to be efficient and reliable — that’s just one example of how optimisation will play a big role in building the future.  

    For both Matthew and Jono, working with people from other disciplines is key to solving future problems.

    “The thing about the University of Adelaide is that it’s a major hub in a network of connections,” says Jono.

    “If a student is into biology and computer science, or politics, I’ll know just the person to talk to.”

    – Chloe Walker

    What can statistics predict?

    From creating predictions to improving our understanding, statistics can help in some unexpected areas. Start studying statistics courses at the University of Adelaide to get started.

    1. Understanding why some patients react particularly badly to chemotherapy

    2. Researching why people give up their dogs on Gumtree

    3. Predicting civil unrest during elections using social media

    4. Optimising phone networks for greater efficiency

    Dr Jono Tuke, statistics courses lecturer at the University of Adelaide

    “A collaborative environment produces better software, allows knowledge transfer and is way more fun.”

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