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    Marina Lovic

    Marina Lovic is in her first rotation under Telstra’s graduate program and works in an operations role in the Telstra Cyber Security Incident Response team in Canberra.

    “When someone clicks on a bad link in an email and downloads some malware, we’re the people who see that malware, take anything offline that’s been infected and fix everything up.”

    Her next rotation will bring her into the team that engineers the tools she is currently using – and she’s keen to have more opportunity to write the code that she’s currently applying.

    Marina left school in Year 10 to study Game Programming at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, where she discovered a love – and aptitude – for coding.

    She then completed a Certificate in Programming at Canberra Institute of Technology, before enrolling at the University of Canberra where she completed a Bachelor of Software Engineering.

    “A lot of people think engineering is a little bit intimidating; but even if you’re not the kind of person who gets kicks out of coding, there’s a whole management side that isn’t quite so technical and there’s just so much work out there,” she says.

    “Cybersecurity is a great career choice, and it’s only going to grow.”

    Marina loves working for the Telstra Cyber Security team and says that the opportunities are boundless.

    “Telstra currently has a big initiative to move from being a telco to being a technology company, which means all kinds of incredible opportunities to work with incredible people with incredible technology on incredible projects.”

    – Fran Molloy


    Marina’s pathway to Telstra Cyber Security

    > > Game Programming Foundations, AIE

    > > Cert IV in Programming, CIT

    > > Bachelor of Software Engineering, IT, Uni of Canberra

    > > Telstra Grad program – Cybersecurity, Business operations and Strategy

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    “Cybersecurity is a great career choice, and it’s only going to grow.”

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