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Shahriar Khan

Telstra graduate

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Growing up in Dhaka, the frenetic capital of Bangladesh, Shahriar Khan was just 12 when he got his first computer.

“I was fascinated by the internal workings of the computer and I used to save up to be able to customise it,” he says.

At 17, he moved from Dhaka to Melbourne, to study electrical and computer systems engineering at Monash University.

After graduation, Shahriar completed two six-month internships, before returning to Monash to work as a lecturer while completing a Masters in Advanced Electrical Engineering.

“My first internship at CSIRO involved working with supercomputing clusters to optimise a disaster modelling program,” Shahriar says.

He went to Telstra for his next internship in network engineering, and after completing a 12-month graduate engineer role, is now a network technology specialist with the company.

“My current role involves building dashboards for data analytics and visualisation of our operating environment,” he explains.

“I’ve always enjoyed solving complex problems.”

Shahriar says that software engineers need to be nimble, and open to new ideas.

“The skills you pick up at university become outdated fairly quickly, so you have to be willing to learn, to pick up new skills regularly and adapt fast to new technology.”

Shahriar’s career path:

>> Master of Advanced Engineering (Electrical Engineering), Monash University

>> Intern Placements, CSIRO/Telstra

>> Graduate Network Technology, Telstra

>> Technology Specialist Networks, Telstra


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“I’ve always enjoyed solving complex problems.”



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