Systems Engineer

    Thomas Larkin

    systems engineer
    By Cherese Sonkkila

    Developing something completely new is no mean feat, but ANU student Thomas Larkin is doing just that as part of his Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development). He’s in the process of working on a strong new conductive material that could be used in cars, aeroplanes or any machinery that needs strong components that also transfer electricity and heat.

    Engineering at ANU focuses on systems engineering, giving students knowledge in several disciplines like mechanics, electronics and computing.

    “Companies are looking for people who can manage other specialised engineers, and a systems engineer is someone who can perform this role,” says Thomas.

    The exciting projects and extracurricular opportunities at ANU make it a vibrant place to study. In his second year, Thomas worked on a project investigating the use of tiny fibres in regenerative medicine.

    He is also the Director of Research on the Fifty50 team in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, a group of students dedicated to improving gender equality in their field.

    “ANU has given me the broadest possible taste of what university life should be about,” says Thomas.

    systeme engineer

    Bachelor of Engineering

    Cherese Sonkkila

    Author: Cherese Sonkkila

    Cherese is Assistant Editor of Careers with STEM. She is passionate about producing engaging STEM content and has a strong background in science writing and editing. She holds a science degree with Honours from the University of Melbourne.


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