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Joanne Pellew

iWork CEO

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Joanne Pellew’s tips for success

Joanne Pellew is no stranger to hard work. Working to Close the Gap at the helm of Indigenous employment sites; Ochre Workforce Solutions and iWork, Joanne knows a thing or two about success. She knows it comes from trusting her passion and inner intuition, or ‘liarn’ as the Indigenous people of the Kimberley region call it. She’s also closing the gap between work and play, by forging a career from work that doesn’t feel like work – and that’s just another part of her success.

1. Take inspiration from your passion

I have a number of different businesses offering different services but they have all stemmed from my passion to create positive change for the Indigenous community. My main focus is in the Indigenous employment area because I know that is a real way to Close the Gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

As an Indigenous woman, I am very interested in this business sector because it is personal. With my other mainstream business offerings, they stemmed from the problems that I faced personally and then I set about creating a solution to those problems.

 2. Use pressure wisely

I have two nicknames, one is TurboJo because I react to new opportunities fast and the other is because I tend to leave big projects to the last minute… but still get them in on time!

I find I work better under pressure. I always think outside of the box which is why I can react quickly to new opportunities. To think outside of the box you must also be able to think quickly on your feet.

3. Get thicker skin

When in business, you are constantly challenged and you really need to have a strong threshold to carry stress when required. You should be a natural problem solver who doesn’t get flustered when needing to come up with constant solutions to constant problems. There will be a lot of tough times in business and resilience is one the traits you will need to have in abundance to survive.

 4. Trust your ‘liarn’

I believe intuition is one of the best tools to make your way to success. I spent a lot of my adult life in Broome and the Indigenous people of the Kimberley region refer to intuition as ‘liarn’ which is a strong feeling you get about something. It could be good liarn or bad liarn but either way you have to listen to it, you can feel it in your chest. I have made many business decisions by listening to my liarn and most have turned out to be the best decision.

5. Love what you do

Be prepared to make everyone in and around your business a priority over yourself. This means pay yourself last, if you miss out then so be it.
Make sure you have a love for your own business. Keep trying to achieve things seemingly out of reach and you’ll always find a way through every challenge. You’re going to lose some, but you’ll win even more if your passion takes you through.

– Eliza Brockwell[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”10411″ img_size=”large” style=”vc_box_circle_2″][vc_column_text]


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