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Vikram Adityan

Digital solutions graduate engineer

Chef-turned-tech-whizz Vikram, is bringing a unique flavour to AVEVA‘s graduate program.

If you’d asked 22-year-old chef Vikram Adityan if in three years’ time he’d be pursuing a career in technology he would’ve laughed. Computer science and cooking couldn’t be more different, right?

Fast forward to October 2020 and Brisbane-based Bachelor of Engineering (computer and software systems) graduate, Vikram is 12 months into a highly-coveted graduate program offered by one of the world’s leading industrial and engineering technology firms, AVEVA.

With just 30 successful candidates from more than 5,000 applicants across four continents  (Oceania, Europe, North America & Asia), Vikram likens the soft skills he used in his days as a cook to those he uses in his graduate role.

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“The two careers are so alike in so many ways, just that at AVEVA there is 0% risk of getting yelled at and 100% less risk of burning yourself,” Vikram says of his unique pathway shake-up.

From tacos to tech

Vikram was working at Mexican Taqueria chain Guzman y Gomez when he applied for a grad gig in the field that he studied while at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

A passion for sustainability and self-learning in the industry, led to the talented coders successful global pitch named The Sustainability Initiative, which involved serving up evergreen digital transformations with his fellow colleagues at AVEVA.

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“Through The Sustainability Initiative, we shone a light on some of the biggest polluters in the industry, but highlighted the part we could play to help them reduce their carbon footprint,” he added.

“I find the freedom to leverage on creative ideas and approaches to complex problems is really insightful and so much fun.”

Vikram triggered an internal movement around sustainability at AVEVA and noted his experience and opportunity as invaluable, allowing his forward-thinking graduates to unearth a unique topic in the technological realm.

Vikram’s study and career pathway

  • Cook, Guzman and Gomez
  • Digital solutions graduate engineer, AVEVA
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer and Software Systems), QUT

For more information on a future-proof career with AVEVA’s graduate program head here.

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