Willem Huiskamp

    By Rachael Oku

    Willem’s favourite part of his Bachelor of Advanced Science degree at UNSW Australia was the excitement of “finding the next piece in the puzzle when reaching the limit of knowledge on a topic”.

    Inspired by an “excellent lecturer” to explore his interest in oceanography, Willem is currently undertaking a PhD at UNSW Australia researching the impacts Southern Hemisphere winds have on our climate.

    As part of his PhD, in 2013 Willem had the opportunity to take part in the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, travelling to the Subantarctic islands in the Southern Ocean. Assisting world-class researchers in what Willem describes as “the coolest experience”, the team gathered a treasure trove of data that promises major new insights into how our planet works.

    “We broadcast science from the very edge of the world,” says expedition organiser and UNSW Professor of Climate Change and Earth Sciences, Chris Turney.

    Adventurous UNSW undergrads are in luck. “You can get amazing research experience – even as a second or third year undergrad,” says Willem.


    Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons)
    UNSW Australia

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