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Sarah Eisenmenger

Founder, ZEST Robotics

Sarah Eisenmenger - ZEST Robotics

Sarah Eisenmenger mixes engineering, robotics and AI with business to help close the STEM gap in schools

Can you guess what a robotics business founder’s favourite subject in high school was? English! Sarah did know that she wanted to be an engineer during school though, and even founded her very own company, ZEST Robotics, when she was just 16.

Through ZEST Robotics, Sarah is an advocate for females in STEM.

 “I organise and deliver quality engineering, science and robotics education to girls through hands-on workshops and events,” she explains. Sarah also speaks to schools, industry and government on the importance of establishing more female-focused opportunities for girls to discover STEM inside schools.

The coolest part of her job is what she calls the ‘lightbulb moment’, which happens when a student who has been struggling with a coding concept finally understands why their code does or doesn’t work.

“This is an important moment in the learning journey because it shows that through resilience, many things are possible!”

 Sarah believes STEM teaches strong problem-solving skills, which have been important in every aspect of her life. She is also excited about the upcoming opportunities in robotics and AI and sees them as interesting new mediums for many industries.

 As someone who’s passionate about both business and engineering, it was a no-brainer for Sarah to study a Bachelor of Business (Management) / Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics, Hons) at QUT.

 On going to uni, she says: “I have discovered that some of the most valuable parts of the learning experience are the communities and connections you build while studying. Join student clubs, attend university events and ask lots of questions!”

As for the future, she would love to undertake further study in AI and maybe even complete a Master of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at QUT. She also wants to continue to grow ZEST Robotics and reduce the gender gap in STEM.

Sarah’s STEM study + career path

  • Bachelor of Business (Management) / Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics, Hons), QUT (ongoing)
  • Founder, ZEST Robotics

This article first appeared in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2023.


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