programming careers for girls

programming careers for girls

Tech girls rule!

A digital career is a dynamic way to create, invent and have fun.

By Fran Molloy

Jenine Beekhuyzen says technology offers loads of chances for young people to have interesting and rewarding careers. As head of the Tech Girls Movement, an Adjunct Professor at Griffith University, and with her own tech company, Jenine is living proof of where programming careers for girls can lead!

When Jenine switched to IT from a business degree she “was one of the very few girls in the classroom”. She soon found her niche.

“I’m not really a programmer, I’m more into systems design, and I was very excited to find the branch of information systems and realise that it was really my thing.”

Jenine has written two books: Tech Girls Are Superheroes and Tech Girls Are Chic. Available to students for free, the books outline some of the amazing roles in technology held by Australian women and shows some of the cool options available in programming careers for girls.

New territory

Marita Cheng is one of our best-known young women who’s carved out a fascinating tech career. Marita founded Robogals – a volunteer group that encourages girls to do science, computing and engineering degrees – and was awarded 2012 Young Australian of the Year. She now runs her own company, 2Mar Robotics, which makes mechanical arms for people with disabilities.

Marita wanted to encourage others into programming careers for girls because, often, girls started doing computer science degrees without much programming experience compared to many of their male peers.

Superhero programming careers for girls

“The best programmers are the ones who spend their spare time working on projects or finding out about technology,” Marita says.

“Who doesn’t want to be a superhero?” Jenine adds. “The message behind Tech Girls is: you can take over the world, you can create your own future. Come and join us.”

Janine Beekhuyzen (above) and Marita Chen (top) say there are amazing roles for Australian women in technology field.

Fran Molloy

Author: Fran Molloy

FRAN MOLLOY is a freelance journalist and university lecturer whose career has spanned newspapers, radio and online publications. She writes about business, careers, research, science and environment.