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Quantum careers for everyone: join the information revolution!

What happens when you take classical information technology and apply the weird principles of quantum mechanics? You can be a part of finding out – and revolutionise technology as we know it in the process

When I was an undergraduate, quantum computing was truly on the fringes of research – back then, few people had heard of the term quantum information science. When I finished my studies, it was almost impossible to imagine working on quantum stuff outside
of a traditional academic university career. Less than 20 years later, things have really changed.

The job opportunities in quantum are as broad as the potential applications of the technology – from sensors through to communications and, of course, computing, both on the hardware and software sides. Basically anywhere (but not everywhere!) that information technology is used today, there could be potential quantum applications. The possibilities are enormous; so much so that it is not the current community of experts, but the next generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs – your generation – that will really shape the future of the field.

We need diverse talent

All those diverse applications mean we need diversity of talent. You don’t need to be
a physicist or mathematician to join the quantum workforce. As this field grows, so will the career options – so whatever your passion, chances are you can find an overlap with quantum.

Australia has been at the forefront of quantum technology research since the
beginning and Sydney is home to one of the highest concentrations of quantum science and technology experts in the world. Keen to make the most of the state’s position as a quantum technology powerhouse, the NSW Government announced support for the establishment of the Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA) in 2019.

The SQA is a partnership between four world-leading universities – Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney. Our aim is
to grow Australia’s quantum economy. This will mean more high-quality careers for people with the right passion, skills and qualifications.

If you dream of a quantum career but the path isn’t clear to you after reading these pages, reach out to us at SQA and we’ll help you discover your quantum career potential!

Peter Turner is the CEO of the Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA).

This article originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Quantum 2022 and produced in partnership with SQA.


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