Quiz: Can you guess these science careers?

Science careers trivia

The world needs more scientists and there are SO many amazing science careers for you to discover.

Whether you’re into health, the environment, sport, animals, innovation or hardcore physics, there’s a place for you in science. Let’s see how much you know about some of the coolest science careers we can think of!

Everything you need to know about science careers

If our quiz got you thinking about what area of science is right for you, check out the below resources. We’ve got profiles of scientists doing awesome things in ecology, conservation, animal science, space, forensics, nutrition, chemistry, data and beyond! There’s also deets on different study paths, how you can mix science with your passion, and webinars where the pros chat about how they landed their dream science careers.

Meet the pros:

Science careers - David Flannery
Dr David Flannery, research scientist
  • Dr David Flannery, research scientist: QUT researcher Dr David Flannery is living his dream career – helping NASA on its next Mars rover mission.
  • Amy MacIntosh, ecotoxicologist: Amy is investigating the impacts of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) from deep-sea oil and gas pipelines on Australian marine animals.
  • Rebecca Abbott, immunologist: Rebecca is on a mission to find treatments and cures for brain cancer.
  • Chris Turney, earth scientist: Chris tells us about a day in the life of an environmental scientist; it’s all smooth sailing when you’re not stranded in Antarctica!

Find our full collection of scientist profiles over at our role models section.

Reads + resources:

These stories just scratch the surface! Want more? Check out our Careers with Science page.

Watch the Careers with STEM: Science Webinar

Tune in above for part one of our science webinar where we smash stereotypes and answer your questions about science careers. Part two and part three are available on our YouTube channel.

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