Quiz: Could you be a machine learning engineer?

Machine learning engineer

Passionate about tech and problem-solving? Machine learning could be the right STEM path for you!

If computer science AND data science both sound like fun to you, mix them both together and become a machine learning engineer. It’s a fast-growing field of engineering that’ll land you a job in all kinds of industries. Think health, agriculture, digital retail and more.

Take our quiz to see if your skills and traits line up with this future-proof and innovative career.

Are you a future machine learning engineer?

It’s time to get across this career path with these reads:

What is artificial intelligence: From being able to snap the perfect selfie to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) has entered our lives in many ways and it is now being applied to solve complex problems in most scientific fields. This feature covers it all, or you can watch our video on the same topic!

Considering a career in machine learning? Find out about the awesome potential in this area, plus discover AI for yourself with fun games and activities.

Genevieve Richards - machine learning engineerMeet a machine learning engineer: Genevieve Richards is a machine learning engineer at CBA. She’s currently working on a project that aims to predict the number of incidents an IT service might receive by using lots of different data points. The Machine Learning models will then take the data and put it all together to come up with an equation that will make the predictions. Read her story and suss out her CV here.

Job Kit Machine Learning EngineerJob Kit: Machine Learning Engineer

So you’ve decided this is your dream career. What’s next? Get your hands on our Machine Learning Engineer Job Kit. It’s a deep dive into machine learning, including insider info from people already working in this area, what kind of skills you need to be successful, the high school electives that’ll be helpful for your career path, plus what to study after school.

This job kit is free to download and you can find it here.

For more career (and boredom-busting!) quizzes, check out the Careers with STEM quiz hub.

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