Quiz: Could you be a pen tester?

Could you be a pen tester

Nope, we haven’t made the switch to talking about careers with stationery! A pen tester is a super popular gig in the world of cyber security, which involves ethically hacking your company or organisation’s systems to identify, test and highlight any weaknesses in security.

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to make it in this career by taking our quiz below!

But hold on, what actually is cyber security?

This video will fill you in! Find out why it’s important, and how you can help by having a career in this STEM field. We also touch on the diverse gigs in this space, as well as where you could work as a cyber security specialist.

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Meet a pen tester

Learn from STEM pros already in the job! We’ve profiled ALL the cyber security specialists, so if you’re keen on this area of STEM, make sure you get all the inspo from their profiles too.

Drashti Patel

Drashti Patel - Pen tester

The University of Adelaide has provided Drashti with the cyber security tools she will need to succeed in the space industry. While studying, she spent a semester at Simbiant, a defence and space company. Here she became a pen tester and was given one task: hack into the company’s systems and network.

“I was basically acting as an ethical hacker, to make sure their system doesn’t have any loopholes or backdoors where anyone can enter,” she says. “It was quite tough at times but it matched well with my skill sets and I really enjoyed it.”

Read more about her STEM study and career path here.

Andrzej Grzeslak

Andrzej Grzeslak - pen testerAs a pen tester for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Andrzej says his role is very varied – one day he might be testing basic web apps and the next ferreting out the weaknesses in new building security gates.

He gave us the run day of his day-to-day, plus how he scored his awesome job, over here.

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